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Lee Roe

Co Founder of Ribble FM with a passion for music and community.
Lee Roe

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Lee Roe | CEO

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Clitheroe, Lancashire, Lee Roe is more than just a name. He’s the auditory soul of the community, the voice echoing between the hills and the valleys, bringing music and unity to every ear through Ribble FM. His passion for music isn’t just a hobby—it’s an enduring love story.
Lee has been a part of Ribble FM since the very beginning, with the original output being streamed from his house here in Clitheroe before it went live on FM.

From the pulsating rhythms of nightclubs where he once commanded the decks, to the curated shelves of record stores he managed, Lee’s journey has been intrinsically linked to the soundtrack of life. It’s a journey marked by the beats of countless tracks and the melodies of myriad genres.

But for Lee, music has never been just about beats and notes—it’s about the people who listen to it. This led him to help establish Ribble FM 106.7, Clitheroe’s very own community radio station. It wasn’t merely a business venture or a personal ambition; it was a calling. Every broadcast, every song, every shoutout from Ribble FM serves a dual purpose: to celebrate music and to fortify the ties that bind the community together.

In Lee Roe, Clitheroe found more than just a radio presenter. They found an advocate for community, a maestro in the world of music, and most importantly, a station to tune into, day in and day out. For Lee, Ribble FM isn’t just a radio frequency—it’s the harmonious blend of his two greatest passions: community and music.